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We can enjoy colour and interest in our gardens every day of the year, not only in the month of May, even if we adopt a ‘water wise’ approach. The key is to select plants that are adapted to our growing conditions and to be imaginative about the flora we find growing naturally in our local area.

Here are suggestions for every month of the year. Some of these plants will flower for more than one month and they may arrive at different times in your garden, depending on the weather this year and the local conditions where you are. A number of plants have a double fascination in providing interesting fruit as well as flowers.

  • January

  • February

  • March

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  • May

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  • July

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  • September

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  • November

  • December

The photo at the top of the page shows a wide selection of plants that flourish, without irrigation, on a heap of builder’s rubble,
all of which are varieties derived from plants that grow wild in our area

Many of these articles first appeared in the Castiglione del Lago monthly newsletter “Qua e là” edited by Priscilla Worsley

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