Garden in Umbria


We experience our gardens in so many different ways. This for me is perhaps the most important thing about creating a garden: an environment that is changing constantly and with it its influence on us.

Consider the sense of sight: it may seem banal to suggest that we see a garden. But do we really look at our gardens? If so, do we see them as they actually are or how we would like them to be. And do we see the whole or just an angle. Is it good to see all of the garden at once?

I have added to the usual array of five sense (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) the less easily defined sensations of ‘spirit’ and ‘time’ which I believe to be just as important to our appreciation of our gardens, adding that special extra dimension.

  • Sight

  • Sound

  • Taste

  • Smell

  • Spirit

  • Time

  • Touch

Many of these articles first appeared in the Castiglione del Lago monthly newsletter “Qua e là” edited by Priscilla Worsley

All text and photographs © Yvonne Barton unless stated otherwise

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